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Shalom and Welcome,

My name is Morah Batel Goldman, I am one of the Hebrew and Art teachers at Ben Gamla of Kendall. As well, this will be my third year  teaching at Ben Gamla of Kendall. I look forward to a wonderful year, teaching Hebrew and Art while engaging your child/ren, my students in the process. I am very excited about what your children will be learning this year in their Hebrew Class and Art Class. Check-it out!

I will be teaching Hebrew at a starting level, so we can grow together and accomplish in learning a new language. Further more, some of your children will be attending my Art class, where the mind has no limit in to expressing and creating great artwork and craftsmanship. So let begin!

Middle School’s Ivrit (Hebrew) GOAL    

Our Goal this year for all Middle School, is to learn and master the Hebrew language through the cursive format. This format will help your child understand it’s basics and be able to read, write and practice it. Which will slowly lead in to using it in daily conversations and more. When learning any new language it is a growth process. So, we are starting at the beginning, and this will help your child understand that learning a new language is not difficult plus he/she be able to pick up another.

Kindergarten’s Ivrit (Hebrew) GOAL

Our Goal this year for Kindergarten, is to learn and master the Hebrew language staring with the Alef-Bet alphabet. We will practice basic common words and greetings (colors, animals, family members and more), then recognize the look of the letters and sounds.


Art Class GOAL

Our Goal will be accomplishing great artwork through understanding The Elements of Art and using those tools for creativity, understanding of famous pieces and minds. We will be learning to use different techniques with different mediums so to have a variety of skills on our masterpieces. Art is about learning what style speaks to you and what medium gives that push of ‘bring to life’.

So lets create!

Check out our active year 2017-18 of Hebrew & Art moments:


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Middle School Art Supply List 2018 – 2019

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Todah & Yom Tov!

Morah Batel

Shalom from Middle School

Middle School Hebrew & Art Teacher

Ben Gamla Charter School of Kendall

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