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Welcome to Ms. Steiner’s 3rd Grade Webpage!

Welcome! My name is Ms. Steiner and I am a proud third grade teacher. This is my fifth year teaching. I taught second grade for 3 years, and I taught third grade last year. I graduated in 2012 with my BA in Elementary Education from the University of Central Florida. I have always enjoyed working with children and knew at a young age that teaching would be my profession of choice. I started my teaching career here at BGK and I am so glad that I did! I am very excited about all that the 2017-2018 school year has to offer us and I look forward to getting to know you. 


Add me on “Remind” by texting the message @steiner3 to 81010 (if you have trouble with it, try texting 954-379-2028)

This Week’s Focus (September 5-8)

  • Reading/Language Arts
    • *Comprehension Strategyvisualize descriptive scenes to improve understanding*
    • Comprehension Skill: describe characters in a story (traits, motivations, feelings, etc.) and explain how their actions contribute to the sequence of events
    • Genre: recognize the characteristics of fantasy
    • *Vocabulary Strategy: use context clues, such as synonyms, to determine the meaning of an unknown word*

      (= skills tested on the Reading Test)

  • Writing–  write an explanatory essay on how a character’s actions taught the reader a lesson, use details from the text in writing
  • Grammar-identify, capitalize, and correctly punctuate commands, exclamations, statements, and questions
  • Language Arts– spell words with short vowels: e, o, u
  • Mathestimate differences, find differences mentallysubtract 3-digit numbers 
  • Science– use observations to make inferences, use the scientific method to investigate a question, form a hypothesis, do an experiment, and draw conclusions
  • Social Studies label the countries and commonwealths in North America (Canada, USA, Mexico) and in the Caribbean (Puerto Rico, Cuba, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica), compare maps and globes, use thematic maps, tables, charts, graphs, and photos to analyze geographic information, label continents and oceans on a world map, review basic map elements, name and identify the purpose of maps (political, physical, thematic)

Upcoming Tests/Assignments: 

  • Current Event Friday, 09/08 
  • Spelling TestLast day of the week (in homework packet)
  • Grammar Test– Last day of the week (in homework packet)
  • Reading Test– Friday, 09/08 (skills tested are comprehension skill and vocabulary strategy for this week)
  • Vocabulary Test– Friday, 09/08 (in homework packets)


Upcoming School Events and Reminders for the month: 

  •  NO SCHOOL- Monday, September 4 for Labor Day



Online Practice for Math and Reading

IXL: go to and have student login. Username is first initial followed by last name @bgcs  (ex. bsteiner@bgcs). Password is student. Once logged in, click on Math at the top and select grade level 3. Students may work on any skills they would like; however, I will have recommended skills that students should be working on right beneath the Math Objectives listed at the top of this page.

TenMarks: students will have homework assigned by me that relates to what we are learning in class. To access it, go to and click login button in the top right corner. Select student. Login information will be sent home (The username for most students it is first initial followed by last name. Password for all students is student.) On the Home page after you log in, you should see Your Class Work with clickable lessons. These are lessons I have assigned and should be completed by the due date. Each lesson has only 10 questions and are very beneficial to math progress!

Accelerated Reader: Students must PASS two articles quizzes each week. Students are also encouraged to reach their AR reading goal assigned for the nine-week period (rewarded in class). Login by clicking on AR Login . Student usernames are the first initial and first four letters of last name in all capital letters (ex. BSTEI). The password is abc in lowercase letters! Students can use AR to take quizzes on books they have read and to also take quizzes on informational articles provided by the program. I encourage students to do 2-3 AR articles a week, along with taking quizzes on any books they are reading at home. Quizzes taken after 3:30 PM may need a password and it is “admin“. Click Here for More AR Information



MATH PRACTICE for lessons taught in class!

Continents and Ocean Map

Math Games

Practice math skills here!

Do you know your multiplication facts? Test yourself with these interactive flashcards!

Multiplication Table


Lose something? Print these out at home:

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