Lara Fistel


  – 2nd Grade –

My commitment to my students is to be the teacher I never had. I will never stop trying to make learning fun and meaningful. I look forward to teaching your children every day. Welcome to a wonderful and exciting new year at Ben Gamla. Second Grade is an excellent transition year for the children. I teach core academics as well as independence. Your children will become more confident learners and enjoy school.

Fistel Lara    Please feel free to contact me by Email @ or send a note with your child if you have                                          any questions or concerns.

 Supple Lists:  Please go to page 3 for 2nd Grade:

Daily Routines

  • READING: 30 Minutes / Monday-Friday
  • Language Arts/ Spelling & Grammar packets will be given on Mondays and are due Fridays or last day of the week.
  • Book Report assignments will be given at the beginning of the month and will be due at the end of the month.
  • Math practice pages according to objectives /  Monday-Thursday
  • Current Events: Due on Friday or last day of the week. Please be prepared to share.
  • I-Ready: Students must complete 2 sessions of math and 2 sessions of reading instruction per week or more. Please do not assist your children with these assignments.
  • Optional Show and Tell: Due Friday with a paragraph telling about their item or toy. Include:  Who , What, Where, When, and How.


 “Hello” from 2nd Grade!