Lara Fistel

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2nd – Lara Fistel –

My commitment to my students is to be the teacher I never had. I will never stop trying to make learning fun and meaningful.

I look forward to teaching your children every day.

Welcome to a wonderful and exciting new year at Ben Gamla. Second Grade is an excellent transition

year for the children. I teach core academics as well as independence. Your children will become

more confident learners and enjoy school. Please feel free to contact me by Email @ or send a note with

your child if you have any questions or concerns.

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Daily Routines

READING 30 Minutes / Monday-Friday

Language Arts/ Spelling & Grammar packets will be given on Mondays and are due Fridays or last day of the week.

Book Report assignments will be given at the beginning of the month and will be due at the end of the month.

Math practice pages according to objectives /  Monday-Thursday

Current Events / Due on Friday or last day of the week. Please be prepared to share.

I-Ready – Students must complete 2 sessions of math and 2 sessions of reading instruction per week or more. Please do not assist your children with these assignments.

Optional Show and Tell / Due Friday with a paragraph telling about their item or toy. Include:  Who , What, Where, When, and How.