Stephanie Pinto

Ms. Pinto’s 5th Grade

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Welcome 5th graders and parents. My name is Stephanie Pinto and this will  be my fourth year teaching at Ben Gamla. I am the Math, Science and Social Studies fifth grade teacher. It’s going to be a year filled with exciting labs, projects, centers, independent & group activities. I look forward to creating wonderful and meaningful memories throughout the year with all of you!

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Important Dates/ Info: 

  • Daily Math Quiz Friday
  • Test on Earth’s structures Thursday 2/22. Test on the types of rocks, properties of minerals, weathering, erosion, deposition, renewable and non-renewable resources.
  • Current Event Due Tues, 2/27
  • Math Test Chapter 9 Tuesday 2/27/18

Weekly Focus


  • Make and use line plots with
    fractions to solve problems.
    • Use operations on fractions for this
    grade level to solve problems
    involving information presented in
    line plots.
    • Graph and name points on a
    coordinate grid using ordered pairs.
    (First Quadrant)
    • Collect and graph data on a given
    coordinate grid representing real
    world context.
    • Analyze and display data in a line
    • Use two rules to generate a
    numerical pattern.
    • Identify the relationship between
    the corresponding terms in two
    given patterns.
    • Solve problems using various
    • Graph the relationship between two
    numerical patterns on a coordinate
    grid. (First Quadrant)


· Identify physical properties (hardness, streak color, cleavage, and luster) of common minerals, such as quartz, feldspar, calcite, mica, pyrite, talc, and graphite.

· Use tools such as a hand lens, streak plate, magnet, and the senses along with mineral property charts to measure and compare minerals based on their properties.

· Describe and/or explain the role of minerals in the formation of rocks.

· Identify the three categories of rocks and describe how they were formed

· Identify and/or describe the processes of physical weathering and erosion.

· Compare and contrast the agents of and/or processes of physical weathering and erosion.

· Recognize how living things depend on natural resources for survival.

· Identify and/or distinguish between   renewable and nonrenewable resources found on Earth.

· Identify resources naturally found in Florida (water, phosphate, oil, limestone, silicon, wind and solar energy)


· S.S. 
  • Identify and describe the early European explorers.

Home Learning: 



  • Lesson 9.5
  • Current Event Due Tues 2/27


  • Study for Science Test
  • Current Event Due Tues 2/27


  • Lesson 9.6
  • Daily Math Quiz tomorrow.
  • Current Event Due Tues 2/27


  • 9.7 Front Page
  • Current Event Due Tues 2/27
  • Have a wonderful weekend!

Social Studies Current Event rubric/ instructions:

Current Event Assignment


Forgot your Math book at school?

Science Fair:

  • Download the following link if you need a copy of the parent letter, due dates schedule & Science Fair terms with definitions

  • Science Fair Packet

Other Helpful Links for the project:

Resources for Math, Science & S.S.:

Multiplication Fluency

I Know My Multiplication Facts

FactorsandMultiplesPuzzles – After completing the puzzle, write the factors and multiples 1-12 on the blank chart.

Timed Multiplication – Parents, Print the first page only because the second page is an answer sheet. Students: Put one minute on the timer and test to see how many you can do!