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Ms. Pinto’s 5th Grade

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Welcome 5th graders and parents. My name is Stephanie Pinto and this will  be my fourth year teaching at Ben Gamla. I am the Math, Science and Social Studies fifth grade teacher. It’s going to be a year filled with exciting labs, projects, centers, independent & group activities. I look forward to creating wonderful and meaningful memories throughout the year with all of you!

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  • Friday 9/22/17 – $1 Jean day
  • Hot Pencils – 9/19 – 7 & 8
  • Science Quiz Wednesday 9/20/17
  • Friday, Sept.22 –  Chapter 1 TEST

Weekly Focus


  • Recognize that each place value position is: o 10 times greater that the value to its right o 1 10 of the value of the position to its left
  •  Read and write whole numbers through hundred million.
  •  Use a basic fact and a pattern to multiply mentally by multiples of 10,100, and 1,000.
  •  Fluently multiply multi-digit whole numbers: o five-digit by one-digit o three-digit by two-digit o four-digit by two-digit o five-digit by two-digit
  • Use equation, rectangular arrays, and area models to illustrate quotients.
  • Write and evaluate repeated factors in exponent form.
  • Find whole number quotients of whole numbers using: o strategies based on place value o properties of operations o relationship between multiplication and division.
  •  Simplify numerical expressions applying order of operation rules (multiply or divide from left to right & add or subtract from left to right).
  • Write numerical expressions.
  • Evaluate numerical expressions without evaluating them.
  • Including expressions that may require multiplication up to 1 fraction with a denominator of 10 or less.
  • Interpret numerical expressions without evaluating them.
  • Evaluate numerical expressions considering Associate, Commutative, or Distributive Properties, when applicable.



    • Use Science Process skills.
    • Use five senses to observe qualitative properties of matter.
    • Use tools to measure quantitative properties of matter in metric units.
    • Compare and contrast the basic properties of solids, liquids, and gases, such as shape, particle movement, volume, mass, color, texture, and temperature.
    • Plan and carry out investigations to classify objects based on their observable properties.
    • Keep records that describe observations made, carefully distinguishing actual observations from ideas, inferences, and opinions about the observations.
    • Communicate these findings.
    • Identify and/or explain that science is grounded in verifiable observations that are testable.
    • Investigate the concept of weight versus mass of an object. Discuss why mass (not weight) is used to compare properties of solids, liquids and gases


  • Label and identify United States and Capitals.
  • Use latitude and longitude to identify places.

Home Learning: 


  • Lesson 1.8 Front Page
  • “Hot Pencils” 7 & 8 tomorrow.


  • Lesson 1.10 & 1.11- Front page only.
  • Study Science Vocab – observe, predict, classify, infer, opinion, communicate, evidence, Celsius, Fahrenheit, qualitative observations (using 5 senses), quantitative observations (measurement). Know the tools and definitions to the tools we use to measure: mass, weight, volume, volume of an irregular figure, volume of a rectangular prism (l x W x H), temperature.  Know the difference between weight and mass. QUIZ tomorrow.


  • Study for Math Test Friday. 


  • Teacher Planning Day


  • Begin thinking of a Science Fair project idea.
  • Have a wonderful weekend!

Social Studies Current Event rubric/ instructions:

Current Event Assignment


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Science Fair:

  • Download the following link if you need a copy of the parent letter, due dates schedule & Science Fair terms with definitions:

Other Helpful Links for the project:

Resources for Math, Science & S.S.:

Multiplication Fluency

I Know My Multiplication Facts

FactorsandMultiplesPuzzles – After completing the puzzle, write the factors and multiples 1-12 on the blank chart.

Timed Multiplication – Parents, Print the first page only because the second page is an answer sheet. Students: Put one minute on the timer and test to see how many you can do!