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Mrs. Martinez’s 5th Grade

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Welcome 5th graders and parents. My name is Stephanie Martinez and this will  be my fifth year teaching at Ben Gamla. I am the Math, Science and Social Studies fifth grade teacher. It’s going to be a year filled with exciting labs, projects, centers, independent & group activities. I look forward to creating wonderful and meaningful memories throughout the year with all of you!


*It is important that incoming 5th graders know their multiplication. Below are helpful activities and links to help practice multiplication, multiples, factors and prime and composite numbers.

Multiplication Fluency

I Know My Multiplication Facts

FactorsandMultiplesPuzzles – After completing the puzzle, write the factors and multiples 1-12 on the blank chart.

Timed Multiplication – Parents, Print the first page only because the second page is an answer sheet. Students: Put one minute on the timer and test to see how many you can do!


Important Dates/ Info:

Weekly Focus


Recognize that each place value position is: • 10 times greater that the value to its right • 1 10 of the value of the position to its left • Read and write whole numbers through hundred million. • Use a basic fact and a pattern to multiply mentally by multiples of 10,100, and 1,000. • Fluently multiply multi-digit whole numbers: • five-digit by one-digit • three-digit by two-digit • four-digit by two-digit • five-digit by two-digit • Use equation, rectangular arrays, and area models to illustrate quotients. • Write and evaluate repeated factors in exponent form. • Find whole number quotients of whole numbers using: • strategies based on place value • properties of operations • relationship between multiplication and division. • Simplify numerical expressions applying order of operation rules (multiply or divide from left to right & add or subtract from left to right). • Write numerical expressions. • Evaluate numerical expressions without evaluating them. • Including expressions that may require multiplication up to 1 fraction with a denominator of 10 or less. • Interpret numerical expressions without evaluating them. • Evaluate numerical expressions considering Associate, Commutative, or Distributive Properties, when applicable.


· Identify the basic components of a galaxy. · Identify our home galaxy as the Milky Way. · Explain how stars can be different. · Identify the Sun as a star that emits light and heat energy. · Identify that the Sun’s appearance is due to its proximity to Earth. · Distinguish among objects in our solar system based on their relative positions and/or their characteristics. · Identify Earth’s position within the Solar System. · Identify common characteristics of all planets. · Compare and/or contrast the common characteristics of the inner and outer planet groups. · Describe how the rotation of Earth and apparent movement of the Sun, Moon, and/or stars are related. · Describe the visual changes in the appearance of the moon. · Explain Earth’s rotation on its axis is a day and its revolution around the Sun in a year.

· S.S. 
  • Use latitude and longitude to locate places.
  • Locate and identify states and capitals
  • Construct maps, charts, and graphs to display geographic information

Home Learning: 


Parents: Sign up to Class dojo, Sign and return emergency contact card, sign and return 2 “Student information” cards.



Math: Lesson 1.1


Math: Lesson 1.2


Math: Lesson 1.3 (Front pg)

Social Studies Current Event rubric/ instructions:

Current Event Assignment

Graduation Dance Practice

Forgot your Math book at school?

Science Fair:

  • Download the following link if you need a copy of the parent letter, due dates schedule & Science Fair terms with definitions

  • Science Fair Packet

Other Helpful Links for the project:

Resources for Math, Science & S.S.: